Troy police surprise boy with new bike after his was cut to free him after crash

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It was Troy police to the rescue after a little boy found himself in a tough spot out for a bike ride.

Five-year-old James Kereji of Troy was out enjoying the warm weather Tuesday.

"We were riding our bikes home from the park and James fell," said Mary Kereji, his mom. "He goes, 'Mom I'm stuck.' I said what do you mean you're stuck?"

She turned to find James lying on the ground near their home on Van Courtland Drive.

"It was pinned between the part that holds the pedal on and the frame," Mary said. "I couldn't free him so I called the police department."

Unable to free James, Troy police then called the fire department for help.

"They had to use the jaws of life," James said. "It was big."

After an hour of bending and cutting his bike that he saved up birthday money to buy, James was free but his bike, ruined.

"He stayed calm, he didn't cry, he was talking to them," Mary said.

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"They save people and arrest bad guys and put out fires," James said.

After James got an X-ray on his foot, he and his mother thought it was the last they would see of the rescue crew.

"They called and said we need to follow up with you, are you still at hospital," Mary said.

James was already a fan but his smile got bigger watching police wheel in a brand new bike that they bought that night.

"It was hard not to get emotional at that moment," Mary said. "A lot of people give our first responders a lot of grief and they don't treat them well and say terrible things about police and firemen and they're great people."

"That's why they get into this job, they want to help people," said Sgt. Meghan Lehman, Troy police. "Ultimately they want to make people happy whenever they can."

"They got me a new one," James said. "I like it and it has a sign on it - it looks like a shield."

James was out Wednesday showing off his new wheels as his mother can't help but smile.

"From the bottom of my heart thank you for all you do for our community and our children to keep us safe," Mary said.

James was also grateful.

"Thank you!" he said.