Truck goes airborne into Sterling Height house, killing driver

Around 10 a.m. Friday Sterling Heights police say 911 calls began coming in. A Dodge Ram pickup was seen speeding down Hanks Lane near 19 Mile Road appearing out of control.

A man killed and his truck was left a mangled mess. The crash was so violent, bricks and pieces of the top of the garage and home were still falling Friday afternoon. 

The owners of this home - thankfully not hurt - are seen removing their cars from the garage... damaged from all of the debris.

"Hit the median, went airborne and then across a few lanes of traffic into a home across the street," said Lt. Mario Bastianelli, Sterling Heights police. "And ultimately the driver the only occupant of the vehicle he was pronounced deceased at the scene."

Neighbors - and drivers - in a panic called police after seeing a speeding truck smash into the top of a garage at home in Sterling Heights.

"It's an act of God that he didn't strike anybody else on the roadway considering the time of day and speeds," Bastianelli said. "Upon our officers’ arrival, it was a very tragic and catastrophic type accident. Thank God nobody else was injured in this incident. The scene was so catastrophic."

The driver - identified as a 48-year-old Sterling Heights man who owned his own garage door installation company. 

His family said they are too heartbroken to speak. They did say today was supposed to be a good one for him after being stressed out and not receiving his unemployment - he finally found out a check was on the way.

"It's a loss of life and it's horribly sad for everybody," Bastianelli said. 

Some folks on scene - say the driver appeared to have suffered a medical issue. But Sterling Heights police say they don't know what caused the man to crash just yet, working to reconstruct the accident. 

Toxicology results are likely to take weeks.

"Whatever the scenario was, it's a horribly sad situation for everyone involved," Bastianelli said.