TV One filming holiday movies in Detroit

If you've seen Vivica A. Fox, Debbie Morgan or a few other familiar faces from Hollywood around town, it's because they're in town shooting two holiday movies.

They're filming two movie-of-the-week specials with TV One Network: 'A Royal Family Thanksgiving' and 'A Royal Family Christmas'. Each will air one week before its respective holiday.

Veteran actress Debbie Morgan says it's been a busy schedule -- it's only a 6 week shoot -- but that it's been fun to be in Detroit.

"We've been working a 6-day work week, 12 hours a day, because this movie is coming out awfully quick," she says. "But I did get to visit the Charles Wright Museum, which, I'll take that with me forever, and we got to go to Chene Park and see Aretha Franklin and, boy, was that a treat."

Director Lance Kawas has worked here before for another film he made in Detroit, which also stars Vivica A. Fox. It's called 'Golden Shoes' which comes out in mid September. She portrays a hospital nurse to the mother of a young soccer prodigy. She says she'll be back in town for that red carpet screening.

"I've done about three or four projects [in Detroit] now, and the fact that I'm here doing 'The Royal Family' is just beautiful," Fox says. She says she loves going out and "experiencing" Detroit firsthand.

"I want to get out and fellowship, and let ya'll know that I'm your favorite sister girl that's from the Midwest that comes back home and is now providing opportunities and employment, and just giving back to the community," she says. "When I see everybody, I take pictures; I give hugs. I share the love. I'm from the Midwest and I'm very, very blessed to just have such a wonderful career, and it's just nice to come home."