Twin sisters and medical professionals help others at home, abroad

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They are twins, both medical professionals, and are on another mission.

Sadia Haq is a physician’s assistant and Sobia Haq is a pediatric nurse. Since 2014 the best friends and sisters have been traveling abroad to provide medical services to the people of Haiti and Syrian refugees in Greece.

Their latest mission is taking them to Haiti, the impoverished country that has suffered through natural disasters and so much political unrest.

"Monday morning patients start lining up as early as five in the morning," said Sobia. "We open the clinic - we see about 200 to 300 per day."

"When you go out there and you're able to just help anyone that you can it makes a world of a difference," said Sadia.

It is grueling work, but so important. This time they are working with the Islamic Medical Association of North America.

"Meeting different people from different cultures and being able to take what we've been blessed with and taught here and making a huge impact abroad has really just been so humbling," Sobia said.

Just 27 years old, the women have also established their own nonprofit at home called Detroit Is My Home, which serves the homeless community with care packages, food, and clothing.
"I'm able to work in a hospital and work with beautiful kids and we started a nonprofit where we work with homeless people in Detroit," Sobia said. "So we're trying to take care of the local and then just global as well, has just been so rewarding."

For these children of immigrants from India and Pakistan, the world has no walls - only the call to help those in need.

"They've always taught us growing up, always give back whether it's to your siblings, your relatives, your community," Sobia said. "But always give back and you'll get more in return."

It's something they hope others will do as well - as volunteers, as donors - as advocates. They know even a little bit of kindness - goes a long way.

"I think raising awareness is a huge thing, too, said Sadia. "There's so much happening around the world and you can get very jaded by it -  you can be overwhelmed 
and you can think well - what's the point. But I think that's a mindset I think we should all steer away from - and just do anything you can."