Two suspects in Taylor charity poker room robbery charged

Two of the suspects accused of robbing a charity poker game in Taylor appear in court Wednesday.

The suspects are accused of robbing Momo's poker room just after 1 a.m. Friday in Taylor plead not guilty in court.

Investigators say Daniel Frederick has a prior criminal record involving felonies and say he spent time in prison for breaking and entering.

The charges in this case include armed robbery, felonious assault, and illegal firearm possession.
The judge says this habitual offender could now face up to life in prison.

Frederick looked frustrated in court, saying I love you to his family who did not want to comment.

Judge Joseph Slaven gave Frederick a $600,000 bond, cash, and the suspect tried arguing that ruling.

"I was wondering if you can put it in a 10 percent," he said. "I have a job and I'm not going to run from this. I will face everything that comes to me. I'd like to get out and see my daughter before all this happens. At least ten percent of $600,000."

"I think that the amount of bond I set and given the gravity of the charges, I think is fair," said Slaven.

Michael Pennington did not have family in court and he's facing three counts of armed robbery, and 25 counts of felonious assault.

"That's an overcharging," said Pennington's attorney Bill Colovo.

Colovo claims no one has been able to identify his client at the crime scene.

FOX 2: "Was your client there at the time of the robbery?"

"My client had played poker one time earlier in the evening but he was not there at the time of the robbery," Colovo said.

Colovo also claims his client met with the other two suspects after the robbery.

The third suspect remains in custody, but has not yet been charged. We've been told he could be arraigned tomorrow.