Unsolved hit and run victim's roadside memorial stolen three times

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A  beautiful young woman killed by a hit-and-run driver -- more than two years later-- there are still no arrests.

Her family has created a memorial at the crash site, but now it's been stolen for the third time.

FOX 2: "Who would want you to steal your daughter's memorial?"

"I don't know, why are you stealing my Bobbi's memorial," said Carolin Roberts.

Her daughter, Bobbi Lane, was 20 years old when she was hit by a car on southbound Gratiot near Joy Road walking home from work, three years ago on November 29th. 

"One car hit her," Roberts said. "And the other car drove around her, her lifeless body lying in the road."

And the people that hit Bobbi were never found. And that's why this memorial on Gratiot is so important to the family. But now the Memorial has disappeared again for the third time.

"Her picture, her roses, her fence, there's just a hole where it used to be," Roberts said.

Bobbi had just graduated from high school, taking classes at Macomb Community College and wanted to be in the military. Bobbi's mother has a memorial in her apartment.  And now the family has to live through the pain all over again.  

"This is the third time," Roberts said. "How are we supposed to heal when you keep tearing our hearts open."

And like the mystery of who killed Bobbi, no one knows who is stealing Bobbi's memorials.

Carolin said the city,  county, police and private land owner has no problem with the memorials.

FOX 2: "You believe the people that killed your daughter are the same people taking the memorials?"

"I truly believe that," Roberts said.

A police report was made but no clues. And no answers. 

"You tear a (piece) of us apart every time you do this," Roberts said. "If you tear it up 100 times, it will go back up 100 times."

Now take a look at the fourth memorial for Bobbi.