VIDEO: Elderly woman fights off mugger with cane

An elderly woman was attacked as she tries to enter a Detroit grocery store. A young man tried to steal her purse, but on video she can be seen battling to ward him off and defend herself.
The suspect clearly wasn't prepared when the 71-year-old used her cane to teach him a lesson on Detroit's west side.

The attempted robbery happened Feb. 10.

Family Food Super Store employee David Jackson says he wished he was working the day this man wearing a Northface red hat and black coat tried to rob an the woman as she entered the store off Rosa Parks Boulevard.

FOX 2: "She fought back."

"And that's a good thing," Jackson said. "She is from the old school."

On store video just as two men walk out of the store - you can spot a young man run in front of a customer as she walks slowly with her cane and tries to enter the door.

The suspect grabs the woman's purse but instead of giving it up, the 71-year-old uses her cane to fight back, whacking the suspect several times until he finally lets go and takes off. The woman was uninjured.

FOX 2: "She wasn't giving it up."

"No she did not," owner Sal Konja said. "He held on to her purse really good."

Owner Sal Konja was there at the time. He says they have a security officer and cameras watching everyone's every move, but also feels customers need to be more aware of their surroundings.

"Old ladies need to hide their bags," Konja said. "Young punks are just out here trying to get money."

This young punk tried - but was unsuccessful. He ran off and now police are releasing these images hoping the public will help track him down before the heartless thief preys on another person who next time may not be able to fight back.

"That could have been my grandma, that could have been your grandma," Jackson said.

The owner of the store says the suspect, who is believed to live in the area, hasn't been back since.

If you recognize the suspect you are asked to call Detroit police at (313) 596-5200.