Video shows world’s largest free-flying American flag ripped to shreds in powerful storm

The world’s largest American flag was no match for a storm in Wisconsin Wednesday that reportedly also damaged two homes and produced hail the size of a quarter.

Andy Danniels posted a video on Instagram of the tattered flag blowing in the wind with a giant tear in the fabric. 

The flag is a landmark of the Acuity Insurance company and is located in Sheboygan, Wisconsin.

According to Acuity, each stripe is over 5 feet high and each star is nearly 3 feet across. 

“God is angry, one of the largest American flags was torn in half,” Danniels wrote in his Instagram post.

Acuity Insurance posted on Facebook that it had replaced the flag the morning after the storm. 

“Our replacement flag is flying high this morning after significant wind damage last night to the original,” the company wrote.