Vigil held for popular social justice advocate killed in shooting outside gas station

A candlelight vigil was held Tuesday honoring a man whose inner fire burned for a more fair and equitable justice system - according to those who knew Daniel Jones best.

Inside the Redeeming Faith Church of God and Christ in Detroit, on James Couzens Freeway in Detroit, a Tuesday night service of remembrance quickly turned into standing room only.

"We pray that this can be the process of us all striving to heal, because I know a lot of us are angry, we're mad at the world, because we lost a giant from our community," said one of the speakers.

Investigators say Daniel Jones was shot at a Citgo gas station at 20500 Greenfield on November 19th.

Police are still searching for the shooter. Witnesses told investigators the suspect was a man wearing a mask and blue backpack, who fled in a car southbound on Greenfield.  There is no vehicle description at the moment.

Little is known about exactly what happened but his friends and family are heartbroken.

"A friend, a brother, a barber, someone who would make you laugh, make you cry, but it’s a devastating blow," the speaker continued.

"God is still good. Anybody agree with me on that? God is still good, despite what has happened to this dear brother, this dear man of God," said another speaker at the vigil.

The community knew Jones as a longtime advocate for criminal justice reform, lobbying movers and shakers for lasting change that emphasizes second chances.

He just got back from a conference in Atlanta a few days ago.

"Just a real good dude," said Jose Vurgos. "Came out here, he was formally incarcerated as well. He came out here to make a difference. He came out here to change the world and unfortunately he met his demise."

You are asked to call Detroit police at (313) 267-4600.