Warren family escapes apartment grease fire

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Residents in Warren forced out into the cold after a grease fire left them with no choice but to get out fast.

And now at least one family is left searching for another place to stay.

"Through the grace of God we got out of there real quick," said Angela Ivey, who escaped the fire. "I give all the praise to God because if it wasn't from Him ..."

Angela Ivey is counting her blessings after narrowly escaping massive and fast spreading flames inside her apartment.

The fire happened at the Georgetown Manor on Hoover near 11 Mile in Warren. It happened as Angela and her sister Elana were frying chicken.

"A little grease hit the electric stove and it blazed up into fire," Ivey said. "We didn't have time to do nothing but to grab my mother, she's handicapped, she can't walk, so we had to drag her down the stairs."

The women banged on neighbor’s doors, warning them of the fire upstairs, urging them to get out. 

It took Warren firefighters about 15 minutes to beat back the flames. after getting a handle on the situation they escorted them back into the apartment to salvage what's left of their soot covered belongings.

"This is a basket with all my mother's insulin, pills, her medication and all of that," said Ivey. 

The fire caused some smoke and water damage to a few other apartments, but, thankfully, no one was hurt.

The Warren Fire Department said the cold temperatures did not hamper how they fought the blaze. The Ivey family is now staying with relatives.