Warren officer run down directing traffic recovering from brain injury

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A Warren police officer was seriously injured in the line of duty.

His fellow officers and the entire community is coming to his aid as he recovers from a traumatic brain injury. Ken Hubert was just doing his job directing traffic and in an instant everything changed.

Hubert was directing traffic at 13 Mile and Hoover on June 23, 2015 when he was hit by car - and everything changed.

"I don't remember exactly what happened at that point, getting hit," said Hubert. "The next thing I remember is laying on the ground, looking around and seeing that everything was really fuzzy and being in a lot of pain."

For the first time we're seeing the dash cam leading up the accident that left that him with a traumatic brain injury and a long, slow recovery process.

"It's also a time when you feel extremely alone," he said. "Especially with a brain injury. Because people don't see what you are going through, and a lot of times they don't know what you are going through."

But through this battle, his brothers and sisters in blue are standing behind him with a charity hockey game this Saturday - because he's not alone.

"I just want to take the time to thank every single person that's there," said Hubert. "Because it is how grateful I am. I don't know how to say how thankful I am."

Even though it's tough, this man of duty and service is also looking on the bright side and going to his doctor who treats brain injuries, he realized something.

"I walked in there and I looked around and a lot of people were in wheelchairs with major cognitive issues," he said. "That is much worse than I have it now. I'm grateful for that.

"You're only here once so you have to make the best of what you have. That's what I am doing, I am focusing on the future now."

The event is 2:30 p.m. Saturday, February 23 at Fraser Hockeyland, Warren police vs. Sterling Heights police. Tickets are $10.

For more information on the fundraiser CLICK HERE.