Watch: Bees take over Times Square

Parts of Times Square had to be cordoned off by NYPD Friday while a beekeeper removed tens of thousands of bees from the popular tourist hub.

Video from Michal Samuni Blank shows the bees buzzing in the air and also lining buildings in massive quantities.

She told Storyful that it briefly felt "like a smoke of bees, because they were everywhere, all you saw was bees."

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"Nobody got stung, nobody got hurt, I had bees all over me and none of them were harmful," Blank said.

They swarmed for about 15 minutes before a beekeeper came in and carefully removed them from buildings.

It’s not the first time bees have invaded Times Square.

In 2021, the NYPD’s resident beekeeper, Officer Mays, removed 25,000 bees from Times Square and brought them to a "safe location."

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In 2018, hundreds of bees had to be vacuumed into a container after gathering on top of a hot dog stand as bystanders watched.

A year earlier, a swarm of thousands of bees landed on a window ledge.

Beekeeper Andrew Coté told CBS in 2018 that bees typically swarm "because they're overcrowded or it's too hot, and there's a lot of overcrowding in New York."