WATCH: Is it legal to break a window to save a dog from a hot car?

It has officially begun. Hot dog season. No, not those hot dogs. We mean hot dogs locked in a car while their owners are running errands. In many states there are no hard-and-fast rules on the legality of leaving a dog unattended in a vehicle, but offenders frequently face animal cruelty charges. Sixteen out of 50 states say it is illegal to leave an animal in a vehicle in a manner that endangers the animals health. It looks like California is ready to take it a step further.

Breaking into a hot car to save an animal could soon be legal there. The proposed bill, referred to as the "Hot Dog Bill," would allow people to break into locked cars to free animals. Of course you would have to contact police first to help determine whether or not the dog is in danger and to alert them of the situation.

A man in Florida recently did just that after seeing a black lab locked in a pickup truck with the windows rolled up. Cops told him it would take 45 minutes to get there so he smashed the window. But the owner wasn’t happy and made the man pay $50 to fix the window.

Most dog owners like the bill saying they would be grateful if someone broke their window to save their dog, not resentful.

Although some are concerned this bill will be abused by a few individuals just looking to break into cars, lawmakers say they are writing the bill carefully so that action is only taken when the dog is in danger.

We hope the possibility of this bill will encourage everyone to take good care of their four legged friends this summer.

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