Water goes out in Detroit water department building

The water department in the city of Detroit lost water Wednesday.

"We had an electrical problem in which we had a circuit breaker malfunction," said Gary Brown, Detroit water director. "You had a circuit breaker that simply stopped the pumps."

And that circuit breaker operates the pumps, sends the water to the bathrooms, in the water department. 

"Once we diagnose the problem we manually fed the system so that all the bathrooms are now working," Brown said.

The water went out Wednesday morning for about an hour.

They water department has a reservoir in the basement for water emergencies.

"There is a reservoir as there is in most downtown, historical buildings," Brown said. "And we're very proud of it."

The historical building was built in 1928. There's even a Ceiling Mural of Neptune, the god of the sea.  He had water.

The water is back on, it was a minor inconvenience, and the water department wants you to know that If you lose water, they will help you get it back on.  You can use the app, Detroit MI.Gov/pay my water bill.