Wayne County Treasurer responds to controversy

A Wayne Couny treasurer is in hot water for property purchases his wife has made.

After news came out that Eric Sabree's wife had purchased around 10 properties at tax foreclosure auctions, there have been calls for him to resign. However, he doesn't see the purchases as illegal.

"I regret the distraciton," Sabree said. "Yes I know (about the purchases), but it's not a violation."

In 2011 Sabree's wife purchased $$58,000 for three parcels of property in Harper Woods at a tax foreclosure sale when he was Deputy Treasurer. However, because Sabree wasn't supervising the sale, he said it wasn't illegal - even though he was aware of the purchases.

Even if Sabree doesn't see the purchases as a violation, the Wayne County executive Warren Evans has spoken to prosecutors about it. He's also submitted a letter to the Wayne County Ethics Board, requesting they look into the transactions.

Even so, Sabree anticipates any news seen as negative now won't matter.

"...the good work that we're doing in this office, I htink that will overshadow any of this."