WDVD/Detroit, Blaine Fowler Morning Show hosts Radiothon for Detroit Dog Rescue

It's their first time barking up this tree and they're hoping it means saving the lives of dogs in metro Detroit. Detroit Dog Rescue called for all paws on deck and the community responded.

The Detroit Dog Rescue teamed up  with WDVD 96.3 FM. Blaine, Lauren and Matt, the morning team, helped put on the Donate For Dogs Radiothon, not just to get dogs adopted but to raise money so that guys like Houdini don't have to be put down when they're found because of costs.  

"They realized it was getting colder outside so there is a need, so even five dollars in our jars that we have here or calling in and donating $20 helps to save a life," said Detroit Dog Rescue's Kristina Rinaldi.

Detroit Dog Rescue was started in 2011. Soon after, the push was on to save these dogs found on the streets, dogs like one named Roop and the other named Lange. The reason for the names? To get attention on social media and get them adopted.  It worked.  

"Roop is living the life in Fenton. He is actually moving to Colorado with his family but Roop is living the life. And Lange, of course we know is adopted by friends of Amy Lange at FOX 2 and she has her own pond she swims in, she has a sweater collection," Rinaldi said.

Volunteers, with their love of dogs close to their chest, guys like Joel and his two daughters fostered a pup and two others.  One of them was already adopted in the morning of the Radiothon.

"Elation, mostly, and just super happy. I'm sure I'm going to shed some tears on the way home, especially when I see my daughters because we've gotten really attached to them but we know they are going to a good home," Cacia said.

It was happiness that was felt all throughout the Orchard Mall for the event. 96.3 pushed people to their phones to make the donations. The goal? To save dogs with the help of tens of thousands of dollars.  

"Just two dogs can have a litter of six so often that the population keeps growing so we do a lot to save these dogs and adopt them out. We do a lot to try and get information out there so dogs can be altered to try to bring the population issue down," said Dustin Vanooni of DDR.

To donate until this evening:  CALL: 888-727-WDVD or TEXT "RESCUE" to 243725. 

Visit detroitdogrescue.com for more information.