Weight loss comes down to two things: cutting calories and burning calories - or a little of both

If you're looking to lose some weight before the holiday season, one doctor tells us there are two words you'll need to know: cut and burn. 

All weight loss comes down to this choice: cut, as in reducing calories; burn as in burn more calories, or do a little of both.  

"A lot of people who exercise, it just stimulates their appetite so they just consume more calories. What they don't realize is, by cutting calories you do as well in terms of weight loss as exercise. So some of the most successful weight loss individuals we see don't increase their exercise amount; they just cut. Other people just want to exercise all the time; they just want to burn. We see good success with both: cut and burn. But it should be your choice," says Dr. Mark Moyad from U-M Preventative Alternative Medicine. 

If you do want to build some muscle, it can be done without even leaving your house. Think sit-ups, modified push-ups or even just sitting down and standing up is a good start.

"If you want to cheat, if you want the anti-aging cheating secret and you just can't drop those pounds, 2-3 days a week of resistance exercise. Weight lifting stimulates lean muscle mass, in other words, you gain more muscle mass," says Dr. Moyad.

The more muscle mass you have at any age, the more calories your body burns even as you're just sitting down.