Westland John Glenn HS debuts state of the art planetarium

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Tuesday was a big day at John Glenn High School in Westland as students and staff celebrates a new planetarium after a state of the art renovation.

The school's planetarium is a claim to fame as not many schools in the state have one. But over time this gem was in dire need of repairs and was not operational for several years.

"I think people always knew it was in the building but they couldn't use it because we had no funds to renovate the materials," said Michele Harmala, superintendent of Wayne-Westland Schools.

But a fundraising effort backed by alumni and community groups would soon change that as a GoFundMe account was set up and over $60,000 was raised for renovations.

"Not only do we have a new projector, we've got new lighting and the new sound is state of the art," said Principal David Ingham.

Once operated by buttons and knobs, officials say this theater was cutting edge when it initially opened in 1964. But thanks to the fundraising effort it is now state of the art once again for students and the community to enjoy.

"It's all digital, web-based," said Ingham. "We can do a lot of interactive work with our kids."

Educators believe the renovations will enhance their curriculum and motivate students to reach for the stars.

"We're starting a space science program with our ninth graders next year," said Linda Willman.

School officials say they want this planetarium to be enjoyed by schools and the community at large.

To learn more about how you can take part in this out of the world experience at wwcsd.net