Westland police give out turkeys on traffic stops

Westland police were out on patrol Tuesday, but instead of writing tickets some officers handed out turkeys, hoping to spread holiday cheer.

Sgt. Robert Wilkie, Westland Police 

"During the holiday season we do have some overtime details that are designated for that shopping area because of the increased traffic," said Sgt. Robert Wilkie. "With that comes increased risk for accidents and you know, things going wrong."

And with the extra traffic for the holidays, more people will be out driving - so Westland Police want to make sure that everybody is safe.

But in Westland- for a few days before thanksgiving - the cops have a surprise. 

"This is valuable thing, everybody got to learn a lesson in a good way," Wilkie said. "We can't give out turkeys every time though, so don't be expecting this tomorrow. Today it is a good reminder and let everyone know we are being vigilant and doing traffic enforcement to make sure everybody is safe. 

"Today is a good way to remind people of that in a friendly way."