When will leaves change color in Michigan this fall? This map shows you

(Photo: Amber Ainsworth/FOX 2)

A map shows when we can expect to see leaves at their peak fall colors this year.

Leaves in Michigan's Upper Penisula and the upper part of the Lower Peninsula are expected to hit their peak between Sept. 20-27.

The area below the top of the state, including Traverse City, is expected to peak from Sept. 27 through Oct. 4, while mid-Michigan will see its peak from around Oct. 4-11, and the lower part of the state is expected to peak from Oct. 11-18.

"Similar to any meteorological forecast, leaf predictions will never be 100% accurate. However, after publishing our predictive fall foliage map for nearly a decade, we are quite confident in our data sources, process, and algorithm," said David Angotti, who created the fall foliage map.

The map includes a slider that lets you see the expected changes on different dates. The changes range from no change all the way to past their peak colors.

Check out the map here.