Why men are more likely to die first

Men are more likely to die five years earlier than women. Dr. Joel Kahn joins us during Men's Health Month to give us some tips on some things men can change in their lives to beat the statistic.

First, Dr. Kahn says men tend to take more risks than women. Think driving motorcycles, racing cars, skydiving, etc. Men also tend to work riskier jobs than women, such as police work, firefighters, construction work, etc.

Heart disease affects and kills both men and women equally, but men tend to die younger with heart attacks than women. Men are encouraged to work with their doctors in their 40s and 50s to identify heart disease, so a heart attack doesn't prove fatal in your 60s. Women tend to suffer fatal heart attacks in their 70s or 80s.

Socialization is also a factor. Guys aren't as likely to open up and talk about frustrations or aging, such as a physical ailment that may be coming on. Women are more likely to open up and discuss those.

Dr. Kahn recommends every man go to the doctor frequently. He says he sees several men in their 60s who have said they've never seen a doctor before.

"Early detect, prevent, reverse - the whole shebang you can do," Dr. Kahn says.