Windows shot with BB gun for a second time at Riverview school

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Windows at a Riverview elementary school  were shot out and police say a BB gun toting vandal is responsible. They also say this isn't the first time it's been targeted.

Over $17,000 in damages were caused at Huntington Elementary School by vandals. Superintendent Russell Pickel said insurance should cover most of the damage but it still is going to cost the school a good amount of money that should have been used for the students.

"We've put in an insurance claim and hopefully some of those expenses will be recouped. But, we have to take that out of our operating budget. That is money otherwise would be used in classrooms, technology. You budget to educate children, not to replace windows," Pickel said.

On two occasions - one last month and the other a few weeks ago - someone shot a BB or pelet gun into the back windows. Pickel believes the vandals came either late in the evening or early in the morning while the building was closed.

"It's behind the building, it's away from the parking lot, it's away from the lighting," Pickel said.

To discourage the vandals - or maybe catch them - the school has put up outside lighing and security cameras. That comes at a cost and it's the students who are paying for it.

"You know, you're really hurting the kids. You're hurting the people that we are here to protect. There can't be gratification on putting tiny holes through a window. It's not something we take lightly. If you're caught, you're going to be prosecuted."

Pickel believes the vandal or vandals live nearby and says it is not an easy area to access or even know about unless you're familiar with the school or neighborhood.

Anyone who knows who is responsible is asked to call police.