With family members converging for holidays, doctors recommend discussing vaping

Holiday week, family members, college kids coming home, good time to come home to talk about the dangers of vaping.

"So as my younger one whose in college, and he's coming and I keep asking and I keep telling him the pictures of what I have seen - it's absolutely a dangerous thing to do," said Beaumont Doctor Sonjay Dogra. "We should avoid e-cigarette vaping at all costs, as much as possible because it potentially can kill you."

A pulmonologist, Dogra said while lungs are typically very spongy materials, in some cases, they become very hard after successive vaping.

"Lungs are very spongy, very soft structures when they do their functions. When they're exposed to all these chemicals without knowing what they're causing, they do become very hard," said Dogra.

When that happens, it becomes difficult for them to perform normally and in many cases, people require the assistance of a ventilator to breathe.