With international auto show moved to summer, Novi showplace takes up of winter auto show

Worried you wouldn't have to trudge through snow to see your favorite cars this winter? Concerned you wouldn't have to brave the January freeze to eye the year's upcoming models? 

Well don't fret, the mantle of winter auto show will still take place - just not in Detroit.

Since it's schedule change to June, the International Auto Show's depart from tradition has left a gap in time for all the auto-fanatics that celebrate annual event in January. While those urges will be quelled later in 2020, the Suburban Collection Showplace in Novi is putting on the Southeast Michigan Auto Show Jan. 3-5.

"We've got a really consumer-oriented, family-friendly event here in Novi," said McKenzie Bowman, the communications director for the conference center. "We're going to have cars on carpet, cars are the stars, really a consumer-driven experience for the automotive shopper to come in and get inside the vehicle and do some shopping for their new year."

Still an important time for dealers and the consumers that purchase their products, Bowman called early January a "pivotal time" for those in the market.

"We're going to have over 35 brands under one roof so the consumer will definitely be able to see a wide variety of vehicles here," Bowman said. "But we're also going to have our exotic brands so we'll have Ferrari, some McLarens, very exciting stuff."