Witness: Mom who left child in car said she was sleeping

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It was an infuriating moment for Kaitlyn Wolske, a mother of three on Wednesday.

Wolske watched another mother walking to her car parked outside of the Southgate Sam's Club on North Line Road Wednesday afternoon, her 2-year-old left inside.

"I hear someone say 'Oh my gosh it's a baby,'" she said. "That's when I turned around and saw a little girl in her car seat."

Southgate police say just before 5:30 that afternoon, customers called 911 after seeing the infant inside the car for nearly an hour.

"I was worried for that baby," Wolske said. "Because the baby looked terrified.

"This was before the mother actually exited the building."

Police say the little girl's mother, from Ecorse, had been inside the store for 50 minutes, the baby left in the backseat.

Wolske shot cell phone video, adding that at the time, it was about 32 degrees outside.

"I was seeing red, I was so angry," she said. "As a mother I was angry."

Wolske also says as the mother was walking out, she told her and several Sam's Club customers why she left her baby.
"Her response was 'I didn't forget her, she was sleeping,'" Wolske recalled. "Then she made a comment 'I was only in there an hour.'"

Wolske says she understands how parents can make mistakes, but not this.

"That baby was innocent," she said. "That mother intentionally left that baby in the car."

Police say the toddler turned 2 years old Thursday, was given to a relative at the scene.

The mother was taken into custody and is now out on bond. Potential charges are pending as Child Protective Services investigates.
"I think she needs to have some punishment," Wolske said. "She needs to be held accountable. Absolutely."

Southgate police say that mother could be charged with child neglect or child endangerment. The Wayne County Prosecutor's Office is reviewing the case.