Woman accused of carjacking 88-year-old in Detroit to face trial

A Wayne County judge announced Monday that the woman accused of carjacking and injuring an 88-year-old woman will go to trial. 

Then along came a seemingly Good Samaritan.

"A person on a bicycle came along and offered to help me," she says. 

"She said i can get you out of there - you've got to rock it."

Henrietta got into the passenger seat and 55-year-old Valerie Johnson got behind the wheel and got the car out of the snow. It was the start of an adventure with a stranger involving groceries, snow shoveling and, eventually, a Good-Samaritan-gone-bad back at Henrietta's home.

"She pulled the door open and pushed me into the house," Henrietta says.

"She started saying 'where's the money? Where's the money?' I was face down on the carpet and I said you're awfully strong for a woman - and she said I'm not a woman I'm a man."

But she was indeed a woman who allegedly took $40 from Henrietta's purse. Henrietta testified Johnson told her she knew that she'd call the police so she had to tie her up. She also said Johnson told her she had a gun and then took off in the woman's car.

Henrietta was left with bruising she had from being tied up with leggings, but this feisty, almost 90-year-old woman, refused to be a victim.
She was able to free herself, call police which eventually lead to the arrest of Valerie Johnson who will now face trial.