Woman attacked with firebomb in Redford, family wants justice

A woman is fighting to survive after being firebombed in Redford Township.

Dorothy Spinnela was attacked as she was leaving work at a Coney Island in Redford at 8 p.m. Saturday.

"One of her friends said come outside, and she decided to go out the back door, she went out and something got thrown at her," said Bryan Morrissey. the victim's son. "A guy came up, threw a bottle at her, it went into flames, she started screaming."

FOX 2: "That person who told her to come outside is that the person who allegedly did this?"

"No, but I have a feeling they are tied to the person who did," he said.

The family says the person throwing that flammable substance is a previous acquaintance. Police confirm he is 63-year old Will Helmer who is from metro Detroit. 

Will Helmer

Redford Police say he has a prior record and they are confident they will find him.

As the police investigation continues, Spinnela's family say their loved one remains in a coma and her injuries are severe.

"When she comes out of this she will never be the same," said Anita Deming.
"She's got over 40 percent burns on her body, lungs and heart," Morrissey said.

"Her whole head is burnt," said Anita Deming, the victim's niece. "She's unrecognizable."
Morrissey says this happened as his mom was recently diagnosed with cancer but was not giving up hope that she still had time to turn her life around. 

Family members say they are using social media to connect with anyone who may have witnessed this incident as they hope anyone who has details will speak up 

"If you saw a car get away, I believe there are two suspects," Deming said.

The family has set up a gofundme me as they pull together resources for Spinella's care. You can donate to the GoFundMe HERE.

"(We're focused on) getting my mom to come back out of her comma and live a normal life if she can pull through," Morrissey said.