Woman claims she was sexually assaulted during mall massage

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Latoya Tillmon was a first time customer as she stepped into Healing Touch Massage inside Lakeside Mall in Sterling Heights. She was greeted by a male employee.

"We kind of went over what massage I wanted and how long and how much it was going to be," she says. "And he proceeded to take me into the massage room."

She laid on the table, keeping on her clothes, only adjusting her bra straps at the masseur’s request. She says the massage was normal -- until the end when her female intuition kicked in. 

"He did kind of lean in and I did kind of feel - I didn't want to think that I was feeling what I felt," she says. 

She says he rubbed his penis on her hands. Latoya says it was not an accident because of what came after the massage ended. The male employee stood there staring while she adjusted her bra back. 

"While I had my hands up in the air, he came from behind and he groped me with both of his hands and squeezed my breasts," she says.

Latoya says he didn't show any expression at all.

"He didn't say anything, the response he gave me was a like he had the right to do it," she says.

The male employee walked out, demanding payment. Latoya nervously ran to a nearby store and called security.

"I said, I feel totally defiled and I'm utterly shocked right now."

She went to Sterling Heights Police and made a report with the department. They're investigating. 

"I will not stand by and I will not let him get away with making me feel victimized," she says.

FOX 2 spoke with the general manager of Lakeside Mall, who said they're working with police to investigate.

Latoya said she was inspired to come forward so soon due to the #MeToo social movement. She said if those women can tell their stories, she can tell hers.