Woman escapes attacker at Detroit bus stop

A woman snatched by a stranger while waiting at a bus stop on Detroit's west side.

She says he dragged her into a vacant field while she cried out for help, but managed to get away.

The woman, who is a mother,  was wrapping up a conversation with her fiancé on her cell phone as she waited at this bus stop on Detroit's west side Wednesday morning.

"As the guy walks up to me ... grabs me by my neck and starts punching me in head," said the woman who requested anonymity.

The victim  says her attacker dragged her to an empty lot as she screamed, hoping her fiancé was still on the phone.

"I didn't know if he had hung up or not, was screaming help, help," she said. "I said to come outside."

Her fiancé heard her and rushed to the rescue.

"I grabbed the bike by the time he was running, I couldn't catch him," said her fiancé.

The victim believes those screams helped save her life.

"As soon as I started screaming, he dropped me and ran," she said.

The victim says she got a good look at her attacker's face and gave those details to police.

"He's about 5 feet, 11 inches, with carmel skin, he had shoulder-length, sandy brown dreads, red vest with a plaid or striped shirt.

The victim says she will now take extra precautions when waiting for the bus

"I've always been careful but will be a lot more careful now," she said.