Woman goes missing after Backpage.com date

UPDATE: A body found in a Detroit alleyway has been identified as Cynthia Worthy. Read more here. 

A Detroit woman is missing since Friday after meeting someone through Backpage.com.

"She is sweet loving girl and I just want her to come home," said Priscilla Harrison. It's desperate plea from a mom to find her missing daughter Cynthia Worthy safe and sound.

When Worthy, 23, never came home Friday night, her family knew something was wrong.
Cynthia was gone and so was her car. But because her sister works for OnStar, her family was able to track it down finding it in Oak Park. She was nowhere to be found.

She is described as a loving daughter and sister who enjoyed spending time with her family - but what she did to earn money was risky by the family's own admission.

"She is not a girl that hung out on the streets clubbing," said Priscilla Harrison. "She was doing this one thing; she did it just to make money."

"It is a bad decision, but it doesn't define who she is as a person," said Shawn Willis, her father.

Cynthia would find work on Backpage.com. - a known escort website where she went by the name "Lady." 

Her family was aware of her choice and says she was working to get away from that lifestyle when this happened.

"We finally convinced her to stop and she enrolled in school and has been on track," Willis said. "She told me she is about to stop, 'I can't do this anymore.'"

The family is convinced the 23-year-old did not go missing voluntarily. They are handing out flyers, desperately hoping she is okay and pleading with whoever may know where she is.

"Just do the right thing and let her go," Willis said. "Just let her go, drop her off at a gas station. Just do the right thing."

Anyone with information is asked to call the Detroit police at (313) 596-5300.