Woman in custody after fight leads to shooting at Taylor gas station

A fight between two women left one person shot at the Taylor Fuel Stop on Ecorse Friday.

"She just said I shot her in self-defense," said Louis Smith, Jr.

Smith was at the counter inside the gas station, located near Monroe, at about noon when a 40-year-old woman walked inside, followed by another 40-year-old woman who started swinging.

"I'm standing in line and this lady come up behind this other lady and starts beating her up," he said. "I mean punching her one after another, I mean so hard and so fast. And the lady who was getting beat up pulled out a gun and shot this lady in the stomach."

The woman who was shot is hospitalized in critical condition.

The surveillance video is not being released but FOX 2 can confirm - it shows exactly that. 

The woman who fired the gun then said to the woman who was beating her up 'Why would you come in here doing this, what is wrong with you? You don't come up behind someone and hit them in the head. I didn't do 'expletive' to you.'

Smith confirmed that is what was said.

"She said 'I shot her out of self-defense because she was beating me up and I don't even know her,'" Smith said.

But police say it appears the two women do know each other. Either way officers say the shooter does have her CPL - she was taken into custody pending investigation.