Woman says Petland in Novi sold her fake "teddy bear" puppy

FOX 2 is stepping in after a Macomb woman says she was duped by a local pet store that sold her what she thought was a "teddy bear" puppy.

Although he's now part of Debbie Hansen's family in Macomb, this new puppy mother is outraged and demanding answers from Petland in Novi.

"He's the sweetest thing, but it's not what I wanted and not what I paid for," she said.

Hansen says she's always wanted what's known as a "teddy bear" puppy -- a designer dog that's half Bichon and half Shih Tzu.

"I've been researching for over a year and I wanted until I went part time, and I checked on different breeders," she said.

She bought Bailey at Petland in Novi for $2,400.

Six months later -- the dog doesn't look like what she was promised.

"I thought this isn't the right dog. His tail's real long, and he's big. So I had a DNA test taken on him," she said.

Hansen says the DNA test came back 50 percent Maltese, 25 percent Yorkie, 12.5 percent Bichon, 12.5 percent silkie terrior -- no Shih Tzu.

She says she never received some of the documents she asked for -- except one that simply stated, without proof, that Bailey is indeed a teddy bear puppy.

"Kinda sad. All that money and basically, he's a mutt. Four different dogs," she said.

So she, her son and Fox 2's Erika Erickson went to Petland to confront the store.

The managers we spoke to refused to give us a statement, saying the owner is out of town and can't be reached.

"It was annoying. It was kind of like, trying to blow me off," Hansen said.

The managers added that they couldn't handle this situation -- along with the owner, referring us both to Petland's claims and warranties department.

Those calls were unanswered.

"Well I want my money back, for one," Hansen said.

Planning to file a lawsuit if this matter isn't dealt with, Hansen says, while she still loves Bailey and would never give him up she warns buyers beware.

"Don't buy from Petland. ... Bottom line," she said.