Woman searching for couple after capturing beam of light shining down during engagement photo shoot

A woman who captured a magical moment between a couple while they were taking engagement photos in Yosemite National Park is now hoping to give the picture to them. 

Faith Taylor tweeted the photo on Saturday, which showed a ray of light from the sky beaming on the couple. The man is seen in a white dress shirt and the woman in a white dress. 

“At Yosemite, a couple was getting engagement photos taken and when I went to take a pic of their glory, a beam of LIGHT shown on them,” Taylor tweeted. “I. Am. Emotional.” 

She is seeking the public’s help in finding the couple. 

“Someone find them,” she tweeted. 

Taylor explained why she wants to give her photo to the couple. 

“For the people asking, I didn’t walk over to them then bc I was shy and didn’t want to interrupt their professional photographer with my iPhone 6 photo hahaha going back through my photos a few months later I thought they may want to see it,” she tweeted.

The internet was eager to join her search, as her tweet featuring the photo has nearly 18,000 retweets and more than 145,000 likes. 

Taylor said she took the photo May 14, 2019.

Another woman also captured a romantic and scenic photo of a couple who appears to be the same one in Taylor’s picture.

User @jessicacotaaa tweeted an image of the couple embracing while overlooking the iconic Yosemite Falls. 

“Okay but tell me why I took pictures of them too!” she tweeted. 

This story was reported from Los Angeles.