Woman texts 911 from car driven by abusive spouse, Michigan State Police say

It was early Friday morning when a woman texted the local 911 dispatch center in metro Detroit she was in a vehicle driven by her domestic partner.

The individual was being abusive and someone else in the vehicle had a gun, she told police.

"Occupants in the vehicle are texting 911," said the operator.

It was the woman's quick thinking that enabled police to track down the vehicle she was in - and get her to safety, police said.

"They (police) were able…to listen back and forth to what was going on in that vehicle until troopers got it stopped," Mike Shaw with Michigan State Police said.

"She was very smart about it. She was able to use her phone to use the 911 texting to 911 which is available across most of the state now," he said.

Law enforcement eventually were able to pinpoint the vehicle's location on I-75 near Holly. From there, they stopped the suspect driver and get the domestic violence victim out. Along with the driver, two other people were also in the vehicle when it stopped.

The complied with police, Shaw said.

It's the latest offense to the suspect's growing criminal history. Among the convictions include involuntary manslaughter. Now, the 42-year-old is back in custody.

"There was an assault that took place inside that vehicle, so he was arrested," said Shaw.

Also found in the vehicle was a 9mm pistol on the floor. 

While the quick thinking and text-to-911 resource ensured the woman's safety - it's not the only tool available to domestic violence victims. 

"Most domestic violence shelters are staffed 24/7 every day of the year you can call," said Theresa Bizoe, Director of Philanthropy and Capital Projects, First Step. "They’re going to get someone who believes their story and knows how to help them overcome this horrible trauma."

If you or a loved one are suffering from a situation involving domestic violence, the National Domestic Violence Hotline is 800-799-7233.

The Michigan Hotline - 866-Voice DV, the national hotline is 800-799-Safe and online The Hotline.org