Woman wants justice for late sister dumped at Detroit fire station shot in the head

Detroit police say Monday morning just after midnight a man brought Clarita Poole's body to a fire station on the city's west side. She had a bullet in her head. 

Clarita, 27, was then rushed to the hospital and pronounced brain dead and died. The older sister of Clarita Poole - Sharita Poole, can't help but ask if her unwavering love for others and generosity contributed to her violent death.

"She arrived at the hospital with just her bra, she wasn't clothed at all, so we don't know if she was raped," Clarita said.
Sharita and her family walked into the ICU to a horrific sight.

"We really didn't recognize her at first. She had a gunshot wound in the back of her head," Sharita said. "She wasn't breathing on her own, she was completely on a machine."

Pronounced brain dead, Clarita died at the hospital.
"It was a murder. She was purposely hurt. She was murdered," her sister said.
Detroit police ruled Clarita's death a homicide, adding that they have a person of interest in the case. A man that Sharita says her sister had been casually seeing for the last few months. 

"From his social media you can just tell he is not a good person," she said.

Sharita says the two would constantly argue and the man would threaten Clarita, post photos of her on social media, and even, Sharita says, threatened to set Clarita up to be gang-raped.

"If he personally does not have that gun powder on his hands, he knows who did it and he's the one who set it up to be done," Sharita said.

Sharita said the man also used Clarita for her money and her she even bought him a car to use.
"It wasn't much she would tell us because she knew we didn't like him, we didn't know her around him," Sharita said. "We tried to warn her from the very second we heard about this guy."

Detroit police say that right now they still need more information.  Sharita is desperate to get answers for her sister.

"I hope she's happy and she doesn't have to deal with this anymore," she said.

Sharita is hoping anyone who may be in a dangerous situation like she was, to get out.

 "Please get out of the situation because it's not going to end good," she said. "It never ends good, ever.

"I just want her to know that we're not going to stop, we're not going to sleep until we find out who did this to her."