Workers call police after woman causes scene at Troy store because she doesn't like song playing

A woman got mad that a Troy store was playing a song she did not like so she caused a scene, leading to police being called.

Police said the 45-year-old woman was at Paradise Fruit Market on Sept. 27 when she heard the song. She told workers that the song made her sad and asked them to stop playing it.

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When the workers told her they couldn't stop the song, she got angry and started yelling, so employees called police to escort the woman out of the store. However, the woman left and called the police to tell them she went to Sterling Heights.

An officer found the woman sitting in a vehicle on Parliament Drive west of Pall Mall Drive. As he was speaking to her, she got agitated, accused him of lying, and drove away, police said.

The officer tried to use his vehicle to block the woman from leaving but she drove around the patrol car and left. She was stopped, arrested, and later charged with hinder and obstruction of a police officer.

After she was released from the Troy Lock-Up Facility, she walked into the police department and began screaming at the front desk attendant. Police said the woman would not calm down, so she was arrested again and a disorderly conduct charge was added.