Wyoming Road potholes create minefield for Ford Plant workers

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Wayne County road patching crews put more than 60 tons of cold patch on Wyoming Street in the past week or so. 

It is now on the priority list - but a long term fix could be a long way out.

FOX 2: "On a scale of 1 to 10 how screwed up is Wyoming Road?"

"One hundred," said Rodney Gibson.

Practically everyone who dares drive the rough stretch of Wyoming near Eagle in Dearborn says the same thing.

"You really got to go about two miles per hour without hurting your vehicle," said Dayvar Scott.

"I took the truck to the shop and they said the hub bearing was messed up," said Rodney Gibson. "That was $500. The sway bar was completely missing - off a truck."

It is a feeling folks over at the Ford River Rouge Plant know all too well.

"With the Miller Road bridge out, that's the only way we can go," said Joshua Fowler.

"I've replaced three tires and one rim this year alone," said Bert Grimsby.

Wyoming is a call to your insurance company waiting to happen," said Todd Rodriguez.

Dozens have damaged their vehicles on the pothole laden road. They have complained to Wayne County and filed damage claims. Sadly, the cold patch jobs just don't hold up.

"The other day when I got my flat tire on Friday, the first one, there were four other cars pulled off to the side of the road," said Joshua Fowler. "I actually got up to the gas station in the Citgo parking lot and spoke to the manager. The manager said there had been 40 cars there this week. This week."

Michigan's on again, off again relationship with winter has taken a toll on roadways and it's not just Metro Detroit reeling from the rim-rocking, car-crippling craters but most of the state.

State legislators just voted to spend an extra $175 million on road repairs. Some say it's too little too late. Let's hope they're wrong.

"Anybody that's an elected official in this state should be embarrassed," said Grimsby.