Young father shot to death, dispute may have started online

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Police are searching for the suspect who murdered a 21-year-old man early Thursday morning in Detroit.

The Everett Cotrell's family is speaking to FOX 2, and talked about how his son is struggling without his dad.

"He is only 2, he goes around saying Dada, Dada. We have to deal with that, he is very smart, he knows what's going on," said Irean Parker Cottrell the victim's mom. "His baby mama, she was running and screaming down the street. 

"I had heard the shooting and I was like somebody is shooting, there were two or three different gunshots that I heard."

Police are working to solve the case. In the meantime they want to speak with Darnell and Carnell Anderson, two 24-year old twins.

People in the neighborhood said there may have been a dispute stemming from Facebook, which led to the shooting. 

Everett Cotrell's mom says the 21-year-old stopped on Harding not far from Warren to talk with a man who was staying in the neighborhood. 

She says before he could get back in the car, the man went and got a gun  and shot him..

"I ran to door when I heard her calling me and that's when she told me  my baby was down there.... i didn't know how severe it was was."

Everett was taken to the hospital. His family says about two and a half hours later, he was dead.

Everett's family wants the person who took someone so full of life just hours ago, behind bars. 

"The coward shot my baby in the back and he's going to be dealt with," said Cottrell said,.