Your costume choice says more about you than you may think

Marielle Lue went as Meghan Markle and Alan Longstreet as Prince Harry. Even Lee Thomas adorned his best P. Diddy outfit. Very telling outfits for sure, but what do these costumes say about them? 

What do these costumes say about any of us? Well, a lot actually.

"When we get in a costume or we put a mask on, we lose our inhibitions, and this is part of what Halloween is all about," said Psychologist Scott Bea of the Cleveland Clinic. "It's about becoming dis-inhibited, playing with different elements of our personality, maybe some that exist outwardly, but probably ones we don't get to play with an awful lot."

Bea said disguises often helps people reflect their personalities, but sometimes they do the opposite. Costumes may say something about how we manage our impulses or what we're insecure about.

If you're really into scaring someone, you may be a social dominator. If you're a comedic costumer, you may have a good sense of humor. 

"Because of the dis-inhibition that we feel when we're in costume, we're a little freer in our socialization. So that's what's fun about Halloween parties," Bea said. "We have built-in things to talk about, just based on our costuming and how we're presenting ourselves. It makes it easy for people to be together."