FOX 2 Sports Tigers 2023 Spring Training Preview

As spring training opens for the Tigers, games are about to get underway and FOX 2 Sports is bringing you the sights and sounds from Lakeland.

In the first segment of our preview, we'll look at the big changes coming to Major League Baseball this season. How will bigger bases and a pitch clock impact the game? We'll also discuss what we can expect from Javy Baez, who arrived as a big-ticket free agent a year ago, but to mixed results.

In the second segment, we'll tackle some of the biggest question marks the Tigers are facing this season. If Tigers Manager A.J. Hinch could sum up one theme from Detroit's spring training camp, it's getting inside the strike zone.

In the third part, Jennifer Hammond catches up with Tigers great Willie Horton. 

He was there when the riots broke out in Detroit, and played a big role in trying to mend the racial divide in the city. Then one year later, he enjoyed the best season of his career as one of the leaders of the famed Tigers 1968 World Series championship team.

The outfielder, whose name is now a legend in Tigers lore, talks about his career and what he is looking forward to, with the upcoming Tigers season.

The Tigers' first spring game is Saturday, Feb. 25 against the Phillies in Lakeland. CLICK HERE for the entire spring training schedule. 

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