SportsWorks: Dan Miller, Bob Wojnowski & Jamie Samuelsen

FOX 2's Sports Director Dan Miller was joined by Bob Wojnowski & Jamie Samuelsen on the roundtable as they talked Lions through two preseason games.  Wojo says you don't want to be alarmed and brought up the fact that Matt Patricia looked "dazed" after the game.  Dan brought up that the lack of pass rushes is what stands out.  Jamie says there isn't much good so far and says Darius Slay is their defense.  The panel also brought up Matt Patricia and evaluated his job so far.

College football was next on the docket and the investigations with Ohio State & Maryland.  The crew talked how it's a dark cloud over the Big Ten and gave their thoughts on who would most likely be fired.

Tigers losing three out of four to on the road in Minnesota and the Jacob Turner call-up gaffe.  Jamie points out that mistake is unacceptable.  Wojo points out the next six weeks we are going to try looking at positives.  

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