SportsWorks: Dan Miller, Sean Baligian & Pat Caputo

FOX 2's Sports Director Dan Miller was joined by Sean Baligian & Pat Caputo Sunday night on the SportsWorks roundtable as they opened the show talking about the Tigers bullpen struggles over the weekend in Oakland.  They broke down the troubles of K-Rod and where the team is right now.  Caputo says its a "meltdown" right now and they went over what options there might be.  

The Lions were next on the docket as rookie mini-camp starts this week.  The guys talked about who they are looking forward to seeing and what can be taken, if anything, from this mini-camp.  They also talked about the running back situation and how there are still players out there they could go after.

The crew moved on to the NHL Playoffs and what lessons the Red Wings could learn from the Edmonton Oilers on how to build a team.  They also talked about the Washington Capitals struggles in the playoffs and if the Caps can come back.

Finally they moved on to the NBA Playoffs and if anyone can beat the Golden State Warriors.   

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