WATCH: Avila 'We're All Very Dissapointed...We're Better Than This'

FOX 2's Jennifer Hammond caught up with Tigers' General Manager Al Avila for an nterview as they have lost 11 of their last 13 games.  

"We're all very disappointed," Avila said. "We fell that we're better than this. I know that the players feel that they're better than this."

Avila was asked about Brad Ausmus and his future.

"We're disappointed where we're at right now, as Brad is. Nobodies happy with it. He's not happy with it and he understands that. I know he and his staff prepare as good, better than anybody. This guy comes prepared. He's a good leader, the players follow him and basically go at his direction. He's done that well."  Avila added, "I'm proud of the way our players are handling the adversity."

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