Air bag woes force Honda, Toyota to recall 6M vehicles

The problem could affect as many as 12.3 million vehicles in the U.S. made by six companies. It's possible that as many as eight people were killed when air bags didn't inflate. U.S. safety regulators are investigating.

Ibuprofen drops recalled in 2019, 2018 have expired, but can still be returned, company says

Editor’s Note: There was no new expansion of the recall in December 2019, as a previous version of this story suggested. The original expansion of the recall was in January 2019, and the first recall was in November 2018. All six lots affected by the recall have expired, with the latest expiration date being in December 2019. Consumers who previously purchased any of the six lots recalled (listed here) are still welcome to request a refund from Tris Pharma, Inc. The company said there is no deadline to do this, emphasizing that none of the six lots should be consumed due to expiration dates. Tris Pharma, Inc. also said Thursday that none of the six lots were on the shelves since last January’s expansion of the recall. All ibuprofen drops on the market and shelves now are safe and within the recommended dose, the company said.