Local Snowboarder Stars in Warren Miller Movie

Farmington Michigan native Brian Rice moves closer to his dream of becoming an Olympic snowboarder. He was recently featured in the Warren Miller movie, Daymaker. In this Weather or Not, we catch up to FlyinBrian at his movie premier.

FlyinBrian On The Marquee

Local snowboarder Brian Rice stars in the new Warren Miller movie Daymaker premiering at the Farmington Civic Theatre.

Local Snowboarder World Cup Success

17 year old snowboarder Brian Rice returns from a historic World Cup run and secures a coveted spot in Warren Miller's latest sports film, Daymaker. Fox2's Lori Pinson has the update.

China's pandemic Olympics begins, with lockdown and boycotts

The country where the coronavirus outbreak emerged two years ago launched a locked-down Winter Olympics on Friday, proudly projecting its might on the most global of stages even as some Western governments mounted a diplomatic boycott.