China's pandemic Olympics begins, with lockdown and boycotts

The country where the coronavirus outbreak emerged two years ago launched a locked-down Winter Olympics on Friday, proudly projecting its might on the most global of stages even as some Western governments mounted a diplomatic boycott.

FlyinBrian, Olympic Hopeful

It's been two years since we first introduced you to an Olympic hopeful. Brian Rice is still pursuing his dream of joining the Olympic snowboarding team. In this Weather or Not, Lori Pinson catches up with FlyinBrian on his way to an international competition. If you'd like to help Brian achieve his goal, the link to his go fund me page is on our website at Thanks for watching!

FOX 2 News Morning

16 year old Brian Rice is pursuing his dream of becoming an Olympic snowboarder. Lori Pinson caught up with the Farmington native on his way to an international competition.