Another 90-degree day in Southeast Michigan with severe thunderstorm chances this afternoon

The heat keeps coming! We blew into the low 90s yesterday and today we'll come close to that number. 

Some differences, however, will emerge: our Southwest wind picks up, gusting to 30 mph this afternoon with the opportunity for afternoon storms. 

Any storms that develop this afternoon have the potential to be strong or severe. We're under a slight risk for severe storms, which is a 2 on a 5 point scale. Our main concern is destructive winds with the tornado threat low, but not zero. 

A great day to have the FOX 2 Weather Authority App on hand. 

Check out a snapshot of this afternoon and notice the storms are scattered in nature, meaning some of us will get through the afternoon just fine. 

The storms are tied to a cold front, which is cold in name only. We'll stay hot the rest of the week. 

Our weekend picture, as one can imagine, remains a bit fuzzy at this point, with the greatest chance for a storm looking like Sunday.