Fall weather creeping through with lower temperatures and possible showers this weekend

Another gorgeous day expected today as that sunshine isn't going anywhere - well, at least for the next 36 hours.

Friday will be sunny and perfect, with low humidity and highs reaching 83 degrees. If you have anything you need to get done outside, today is the day to do it!  

Overnight tonight the southern winds will usher in some milder and moister air, meaning the nighttime low will creep up to nearly 65 degrees.

That is where we start our weekend - milder and muggier. Expect that trend to stick around all day for a warmer Saturday. Highs will be near 85 degrees with some humidity. Michigan State plays at 4 p.m. and Michigan plays at 8 p.m. and for the most part I think the game and tailgates will be dry.  

Saturday night into Sunday morning we could see some rain track in. 

This will begin a transitionary period leading into Sunday where it'll be cloudier, cooler, and wetter. Sunday rain showers will be on and off as a front begins to track through then stalls.  Highs on Sunday make it to about 78 degrees with cloudy skies.

The stalled system evolves into a pattern called a "closed low system" which means it'll be cloudy, cooler, breezy and wet Monday and Tuesday. Very Fall like!