Holiday heatwave will push temperatures over 90 for the next week in Metro Detroit

I don't want to hear anyone complaining about this heatwave that we are in!  Back in April when it was unseasonably cool people were begging for some hot weather.  Well, now it's here!

Thursday, July 2 begins the start of what could be as many as 9 days in a row over 90 degrees. In fact, the current 7-day forecast has 90 or higher each and every day beginning now, continuing through the holiday weekend and bleeding into next week. There's no's going to be hot.

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But it's going to feel even hotter.

As we always say around here, it's not the heat though - it's the humidity. That again will ring true starting on Thursday as the atmospheric moisture begins to build.

When we take the humidity into account we begin to talk about the "Heat Index" which is how hot it "feels like" outside. In this case, our range will be between 95-100 degrees through July 4th, until at least July 8th!

Putting this heatwave into historical context, it isn't normal. The last time we had at least 7 days of over 90 was actually only 2 years ago in 2018. But before that, it was over 65 years ago in 1953! That year we had 11 days in a row of 90+ days! So, I guess it could always be worse?

Here are a few other fun facts about Metro Detroit’s summer sizzle: 

  • Our average first 90° day is on: June 18
  • Our earliest first 90° day was on: May 5, 1895
  • Our average last 90° day is on: August 24th
  • The year with the most 90° or warmer days was: 1988. In this year, temperatures soared above 90° a record 39 times.
  • Given that our summers are getting warmer and longer, our average number of 90 degree days per year has increased to: 13 days.
  • The highest temperature ever recorded in Metro Detroit was: 105 degrees on July 24, 1934.

Please remember to avoid the direct sun if you can, while also staying hydrated and using sunscreen. Additionally, think about your pets, kids, and the elderly when they are outside and never leave anyone alone in a hot car

And have a Happy Fourth of July!