Winter Weather Advisory: snow, freezing rain overnight

Winter has gripped us tight over the last few weeks and hasn't let go. Let's brace for another round of messy weather Tuesday. Essentially, we are tracking ALL FOUR TYPES of winter weather in one system.  

A Winter Weather Advisory went into effect for all of southeast Michigan at 4 a.m. for snow, sleet, freezing rain and blowing snow. 

Hundreds of schools are closed Tuesday morning. You can check the list here

Beginning around midnight, wet snow began to fall in southern Michigan. It was a quick burst, but the flakes were thick and heavy. The snow spread south to north between midnight and 4 a.m. before turning into sleet or freezing rain. Now things get real dicey.

Ice totals will be greater the farther south you look, with around a quarter of an inch in Monroe and Lenawee County. Those communities could be dealing with some power outages from the heavy icy. 

A quarter of an inch of ice tops will be in the heart of the metro area, with areas even further north getting only up to a tenth of an inch. 

That trend is reversed though for snow totals. Areas further north will see more snow through Wednesday afternoon, around 3-5 inches. The metro will see around 2-3 inches and Monroe and Lenawee County 1-2 inches.

The timing and type of precip are not ideal for Tuesday morning commuters. Plan on needing extra time to get into work, and take it slow as spin outs and crashes are likely.

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Tuesday afternoon the freezing rain will switch to regular ol' spotty rain as temps climb to nearly 40.

Another blast of winter weather comes in Tuesday night and Wednesday morning as temps fall into the 20s and the rain changes back into snow.  

An additional 1/2 to 1" is possible as the winds increase to nearly 30 mph. If there is any ice left on tree branches we may see them snap. Power outages are possible due to this.

Yet another winter storm is possible late Thursday into Friday.

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