6-year-old joins effort to stop gun violence in Detroit

Dion Webb is only 6 years old but he's already joined the effort to stop gun violence in Detroit. He's participated in 15 walks to raise awareness and support the families of murder victims.

Dion's uncle was murdered a few years ago. The two were very close -- and even share the same birthday.

Dion's mother, Carla Bowers, says it was difficult explaining to her son what happened at such a young age, but it inspired him to get involved with the community. Dion also volunteers feeding the less fortunate in Detroit.

Carla suggests all families experiencing loss due to gun violence get active in the community. It's easy to grieve alone at home, but she says getting support from other families who have also experienced loss due to gun violence is very comforting.

You can hear more from Carla and Dion in the video player above.